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Work of a mobile medical brigade

In order to improve the social protection of police officers in the districts of the Sumy region, in May of this year, a mobile medical brigade was organized at the Main Directorate of the TMO, consisting of the head of the hospital, the doctor-curator of the corresponding district and a nurse. During the period from May 31 to October 17, 2019, the mobile brigade visited all 17 departments and departments of the Sumy region police. The state of medical support for police officers and the quality of their compulsory periodic medical examination at the Central District Hospital was checked, explanatory work was carried out on the procedure for medical care for police officers and their family members in health care institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, incl. on the issues of preferential rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment. In total, 629 police officers were present at the meetings, of whom 377 were examined personally, individual interviews were held, many questions of examination, treatment, incl. at the Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In addition, doctors informed the staff of the OP on the epidemiological situation in Ukraine on measles, diphtheria and influenza, and the only way to prevent complications and deaths from these diseases is vaccination. The result was the active vaccination of police officers (every second of those present!) Immediately after the lectures. A total of 320 measles shots and 120 diphtheria and tetanus shots were given

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